I seek to remove the burden of perfection.

For children, and their parents, to feel seen, understood, and free to be who they are.

My photographs are a tribute, to where, and with whom, you belong. 

We all want to look back at our family photographs and have a sense of comfort,  nostalgia, and familiarity. To remember the emotions, the smells (maybe), the feelings of our kiddos' (or our parents', our spouse's, or dear friend's) arms wrapped around us, and the connections we share: a true representation of our lives.

So How do we do that?

You invite me into your lives for a few hours, and treat me as an old friend. I spend time with you while you live your life, and I document the beauty of your day.

There's no complicated preparation, or stressing over colour coordinated outfits.

Everyone wears what they feel like, you don't even need to brush your hair. (Though teeth brushing would be appreciated.) Unmade beds, dirty dishes, muddy footprints on the floor, are all signs of life (and standard at my place, too), and no reason to stress.


Maybe your family spends time together in your home, or going out to the beach, on bush walks, to the park, or shops. 

I don't know exactly what your day looks like,

but I would really love to document it for you.

It's easy, I promise.



Brittnay Adair
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