I'm Brittnay. 
Or Britt. Britter. Birdie. (Mostly Britt.)

Here's a photo that includes my face so you know what I look like:

family photo (1 of 1).jpg

I'm a Hoosier, and a Hufflepuff (according to                   .)

I've lived in Brisbane for a DECADE now.
(Where the hell did that time go?)


I value comfort above fashion.

(But I do have a nice  collection of vintage-inspired dresses.)

Ace Ventura is my hero.


I love to be outside -

but I fry in the sunshine,

and am a total wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies.  

Writing is not my strength, so don't judge me too hard based on this About Me page.

_ARS2634 (web).jpg

Most importantly:

I'm a mom/mum, a partner, a photographer.


I believe one of the greatest things that we can do for our children,

is hold ourselves to the same standard (a high, but forgiving, age appropriate one) that we hold them. 

Leading by example.  

I'm here because I want to be better everyday, for my family.

For my community.

That's pretty much it. 


family photo (1 of 1)-3.jpg


Brittnay Adair
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